Migrate Windows workloads to AWS

Migrate Windows Workloads to AWSThe key to success when it comes to helping our customers migrate their Microsoft workloads to AWS cloud services is simple. We help maintain application availability and data integrity while migrating workloads efficiently to public or hybrid cloud environments.

Whether you are moving on-prem workloads – or migrating between cloud providers – NorthBay’s project management, incredibly skilled technical staff, and our Workload Migration Services remove risk and accelerate migration. We utilize the best practices we’ve developed while supporting the world’s most complex cloud environments to ensure your migration path is efficient and secure.

Companies and organizations choose AWS cloud based technologies simply because AWS remains the most trusted, and comprehensive infrastructure and service offering for innovating in the cloud, period. And, when selecting an AWS partner, NorthBay continues to stand out and be recommended by AWS and our customers, again and again.

Why Organizations choose Northbay for Microsoft on AWS

Migrating Microsoft workloads to the cloud has proven advantages and benefits, but getting there can be a challenging and difficult process. At NorthBay, we recognize and deal with these challenges head-on to help you make the right decisions and support you every step of the way. When asked, NorthBay is the difference-maker for our customers, because we simply have the best combination of skills, experience, delivery processes, and economics that removes risk and creates success stories for our customers.

Migration Challenges

  • When connecting Windows workloads with the AWS native service offerings, there are many different options available within AWS for your infrastructure, application and database architecture. How you leverage those services and make the right choices is not always straightforward.
  • Your internal staff are heavily focused on a mix of day to day operations and strategic business priorities and may not have the time to take on the additional overhead of a migration.
  • Your staff may not have the necessary AWS or Cloud skills and experience but need to be part of the process to provide their application and business knowledge during the process and will need to support the new environment.
  • Above all, you need to keep the business running smoothly during the process.

Results we delivered

NorthBay’s customers that have moved their Microsoft workloads to AWS enjoy:

Microsoft workloads performance on AWS compared to other public clouds:

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