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Cloud Native is about how applications are created and deployed, not where. At NorthBay, Cloud Native applications are developed and deployed in an agile DevOps high velocity iterative cadence by small, dedicated feature teams to a platform that offers easy scale-out and hardware decoupling such as AWS. This methodology provides our customer organizations with significantly greater agility, resilience, and portability across cloud environments.

  • Time-to-value, delivering better Customer Experience: The ability to release new functionality with improved customer experiences increasingly sets the most innovative organizations apart from their trailing competition.
  • Productivity gains with ease of management: Innovations like Server-less environments free up valuable time for scarce DevOps talents and pervasive automation creates efficiencies of scale and convenience.
  • Business impact and lower cost: Standardization and the demise of costly proprietary technologies drive down cost, and the enhanced velocity and Customer Experience improvements create greater business value.
Portability matters

These Cloud environments can also include on-premise data centers (i.e. hybrid cloud) or other Cloud providers (i.e. multi-cloud), providing customers the ability to ‘develop an application once, deploy on any cloud’. With many organizations still needing to maintain applications and data on premise, application portability is essential especially for hybrid clouds.

Cloud Native Application Development Components

The major components of a cloud native application development strategy include:

Why Organizations choose Northbay for Cloud Application Development

NorthBay’s decade of AWS and Cloud Native application development experience have enabled us to create real-world methodologies and best practices that we leverage to help deliver real world results that matter. Our Solution Architects work closely to understand your requirements and ensure that we design the right solution based on your unique needs and we leverage our experience as AWS DevOps Consultants to quickly and incrementally deliver value during the application development lifecycle.

At its heart, a Cloud Native strategy is about handling technical risk. In a waterfall, monolithic environment risk is mitigated by taking large steps slowly and carefully. The Cloud Native approach is about moving quickly by taking small, reversible and low-risk steps – and this is how NorthBay works with its customers.

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