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AWS, CloudRail, and NorthBay have teamed up in the marketplace to (finally) deliver on the age-old promise of delivering value through data-driven insights. For decades, companies have been looking for ways to modernize their operations.

Working together, AWS, Cloudrail, and NorthBay have created solutions that make substantive impacts on productivity, OEE, downtime, asset utilization, and COGS.

Specifically, we aggregate existing data into the AWS ecosystem. We add IoT device data from CloudRail sensors and data collectors. And, NorthBay leverages its “superpowers” in datalake creation, advanced analytics, AI, Machine Learning, and reporting to deliver incredible insights.

We create KPI dashboards, reports, and create alerts that help customers predict and prevent failures of machinery, reduce failures and downtime, extend machine componentry life, save on maintenance costs, and increase production.

One stop solutions for IoT and IIoT Problems

With the combined power of NorthBay , CloudRail and AWS have developed a complete IoT and IIoT ecosystem which is not limited to sensors, Cloud Gateway, AWS platform subscription and Consulting Services from NorthBay Solutions. Combination of these can result in endless problems with a much higher ROI on your infrastructure in brownfield and greenfield capacity.

Actionable Insights

With the help of Machine Learning, AI and IoT power backed by AWS IoT services, there are endless possibilities for actionable insights. These can be alerts based on your thresholds. It can call any third party systems to automate the manual tasks such as procurement and result in overall effectiveness of organization, asset and delivery.

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